Mercedes G63 AMG Brabus 700

The Mercedes G-klasse is no wimp

The Mercedes G-Class is no wimp. The square lined mastodon finds its origin in a vehicle which was developed for the army, the Iranian army that is. The Shah of Iran came with the request to develop a vehicle that would not stop hopelessly at the first pile of sand. Since the Shah was a shareholder of Mercedes, the Stuttgart-based brand was commissioned to conceive and develop a “Landed” vehicle. And humorless as the Germans are, they gave the new all-purpose vehicle the first letter of the word that described its application.

The G-class

Since the introduction of the G-Class in 1979, the supreme Mercedes-Benz has not changed much in terms of appearance. Function over form was the motto, so the G-Class was spared a visit to the wind tunnel. Fortunately, because even after forty years, the G-Class is a 4X4 that every car connoisseur recognizes immediately when it appears in the rear view mirror.

Of course, the car has evolved in the more than forty years since it first rolled off the assembly line. The round headlights have now been fitted with LED lights, and it has become wider and therefore more spacious. The ninety-horsepower four-cylinder engine fitted at its introduction has since been replaced by a wide range of engine variants. The most imaginative G-Class bears the designation “V8 Biturbo” on the front fenders, a simple AMG logo in the grille and the designation G63 above the rear bumper. However, the connoisseur also recognizes a G63 by the exhausts that have the outflow openings on the side of the body at the level of the rear doors.

Our Brabus 700

Our Brabus 700 began life as a Mercedes G63 AMG. We deliberately don’t use the word “standard,” because a G63 is an impressive bolide in its own right. Nevertheless, our G was taken to Brabus in Bottrop immediately after its birth. The exterior was equipped with a “Widestar” body kit. Above the windshield a spoiler with LED lights was placed, but whether this, in cooperation with the spoiler above the tailgate, provides extra downforce, we doubt it. Is also not really necessary; the power with which the tires convert the power into speed is “good enough” due to the drive on all wheels.

That G of “good enough” is a German understatement, because during acceleration, loose pebbles fly like projectiles toward the lesser gods behind you, so watch out for that. The rear of our Brabus 700 will not be seen by anyone for long. A “normal” G63, Porsche Cayenne or any other fast SUV will be left behind with ease. The roar of the eight cylinders sounds like a roar of laughter, as our Brabus 700 stays ahead of so-called fast cars with ease. You just try to smile, that’s all, because you have to stay as cool as our G itself. But we know from experience that staying cool in the Brabus is very difficult.

The characteristics

It is not easy for Brabus to meticulously optimize the eight-cylinder engine, which together represents four liters of capacity. Just remapping is too simple. No, the already great engine is built with German thoroughness into the most perfect power bean ever, and the 2 turbo compressors are tickled a bit so they convert even more whistling gasoline into pure adrenaline. Brabus power injection increases the power delivered to the 24-inch Monoblock wheels. The power finds its way to the road surface via the TCT Speedshift automatic transmission that effortlessly handles the extra power.

The “700” in the Brabus 700 type designation could logically indicate the presence of the equivalent of that number of horses under the hood fitted with additional air hoods. However, consider that 700 as a guide number; the actual power potential under the carbon-fiber fabricated hood is seriously higher. With the G of “Guaranteed.”

Not stripped of luxury

Despite the fact that our Brabus 700 has been stripped of the standard Mercedes three-point logo in the grille and on the spare tire housing, our Brabus 700 has not been stripped of luxury items. It has not become a Spartan warrior; our Brabus 700 is equipped with pleasant luxury which is characteristic of every Mercedes, and of an AMG in particular.

In fact, Brabus outfits the 700 with a surfeit of extra awesome details so you know you’re on the road with something special when you get in the driver’s seat, the “G-spot” we jokingly call the driver’s seat. Special is our Brabus 700 without a doubt. The LED lights present all around give the black-on-black-on-black plenty of presence. That makes our G-wagon a real Brabus, and that is why our car may wear the distinctive B in the grille. As proof that our Benz has been to the Brabus gym.

Make an impression

Even when the two-and-a-half-ton beast is parked, the Brabus 700 impresses. Without even driving a meter, everyone who sees you with the Brabus knows that you are the boss. And when you bring the engine to life, the exhausts provide a thump that is all-consuming. As a warning: you are not to be trifled with.

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My inner nine-year-old wanted one immediately

– Jeremy Clarkson

Brabus would no doubt claim all its add-ons give some tangible aerodynamic benefit. Bit like fitting a diffuser to a cathedral.

– Top Gear

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