Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce 6.5 V12

A raging bull

The Lamborghini Aventador is already an insane piece of machinery, but the SuperVeloce (SV), which is Italian for SuperFast, is a different breed. Though the powertrain design is the same as our Aventador Roadster, it delivers upgraded performance with 50 additional horsepower. The visual differences between the Aventador SV and the Aventador are striking, with an extreme rear wing and diffusor and a revised front splitter that accentuates the aggressive Aventador styling. With these aerodynamic improvements, the downforce is increased by 180% compared to the standard model, although you can hardly use the word ‘standard’ when describing an Aventador. The stylish SV logo is incorporated throughout the vehicle; you can find it displayed proudly on the rear wheel arches and in several places on the interior. The four exhaust pipes produce a terrifying noise that make it one of the last of its kind.


"The Lamborghini Aventador SV – for Superveloce – backs up the promise of its aggressive, fighter jet styling; it is a monster of a supercar."

- Evo

"Outrageous looks, a scintillating engine and massive grip mean the hardcore Aventador SV is one of the great Lamborghinis – possibly the best ever."

- Auto Express

"It’s brutal, and old-school effective. Essentially it’s a stylish sledgehammer with seats. And the noise. It makes the kind of noise that makes the hairs on the back of your neck flip vertical, and livestock scatter. It is, with appropriate capitalisation: An Experience."

- Top Gear

"This is the best Lamborghini we’ve driven for ages, quite possibly the best ever. Not because it’s the fastest, or the most powerful, but because it’s so inclusive."

- Car Magazine

A rare appearance

Of all the different Aventador models (a lot of special editions were added to celebrate different occasions) it’s difficult to say which is the best, but in terms of craziness and absurdity it has to be the SV. Since these are actually the two criteria for buying an Aventador, the SV might as well be the ultimate Aventador. It for sure is the rarest production model and therefore the most exclusive, considering there are around 900 SVJ Coupes and around 800 SVJ Roadsters, while only 600 Coupes and 500 Roadsters of the SV have been built. As a result, there are a lot more SVJs for sale than there are SVs. And PassionWithoutLimits is probably the only supercar rental business where you can actually rent one!

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