Lamborghini Urus

The story behind the brand Lamborghini

Those familiar with the Italian brand with the bull as its logo know the story behind the Lambor-ghini brand. Tractors were the first motorized vehicles to have the logo with the bull mounted on them. Until the introduction of the Urus, cars drove out of the factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese that could be compared to tractors in terms of power and tractive force, but were not suitable for going next to the asphalt with their wheels. Despite the often standard four-wheel drive like the Hura-cán and the Aventador.

Not the first off-road vehicle

Yet the Urus is not Lamborghini’s first off-road vehicle. The LM002 was the first ever opper SUV, with a jolly oil sheik at the wheel. The new Urus is also an avid sandhunter, but it swallows a twisty race track just as easily. When you see the light units of our gray Urus appear in your rear-view mirror, you automatically pull over. Out of respect. The Urus is not modest. Our super-SUV looks aggressive, with its double rear spoiler, sharp lines and chunky grille. Our Urus is a little bit frighten-ing; it looks like it could devour an average mid-size car with skin and wheels.

Features of the Lamborghini Urus

But it’s not just the Urus’ looks that impress; the double-blown V8 behind all that black grille speaks menacing language. 650 Italian thoroughbred horses pedal 850 newton meters of pulling power together. And because the Urus is an Italian super-SUV, it also puts its words into action. With full throttle, it goes past 100 in 3.6 seconds, and our mastodon can cover 305 kilometers in an hour if desired. That automatically makes it the fastest SUV in the world.
Four-wheel drive is of course standard. That, combined with an active rear differential and adap-tive air suspension, ensures that the Lamborghini Urus cuts a fine figure in the average oil tycoon’s favorite playground. But unlike the LM002, it feels equally at home on the race track. The adaptive air suspension does its job there as well, but the all-wheel steering and smart driver assistance systems are at least as important for the Urus’ asphalt prowess.

Brake discs

To adequately bring 2.2 tons of sharp-edged steel to a halt, Lamborghini has fitted the Urus with carbon-ceramic brake discs as standard behind the 23-inch wheels with spacers that our Urus is equipped with. The – in our case Lamborghini gold painted – brake calipers, press the pads onto the discs in such a way that coming to a stop is as impressive as accelerating.

No space shortage with the Lamborghini Urus

That Lamborghini designed the Urus for serious off-road work and challenging track outings, by the way, does not mean that concessions were made in terms of space and comfort. Despite the Urus’ coupe shape, passengers in the back seat have plenty of room to enjoy the experience. With a luggage space of more than 600 liters, the Urus is the first Lamborghini in which you can carry more than a toiletry bag, a towel and a clean pair of underpants.

Very comfortable car

However, our ferocious bull is also a tame lamb when you drive it normally. Although you can al-ways hear the rousing rumble from the four end pipes in the cabin, the Urus is extremely comfort-able. The double-glazed windows ensure a pleasant noise level in the seat at low revs. If you want to listen to your music, the 21 Bang and Olufsen speakers provide a 3D sensation that is not inferior to the experience of a High End sound system at home. But the most beautiful music will be heard when you have the panoramic roof fully opened while driving.

Get to know the Lamborghini Urus

Multitasker, all-rounder, omnivore. Just a few qualifications that apply to our Urus. That sounds boring, but if you think our Urus is boring, you’re missing the point. You’ll understand that as soon as you see our Urus. Where other SUVs are civilized, our Urus welcomes unabashed brutality, without trying to graze you.
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“Lamborghini has successfully beaten physics into a bloody pulp with the application of the very latest technology, and blended it all together to masterful effect.”

– Top Gear

“It’s called the Urus, which I thought was an embarrassing genitourinary problem. “Doctor. I’ve got an itch on my urus.” Turns out it is some kind of ox.”

– Jeremy Clarkson

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