Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rolls Royce Phantom is no wimp

Recently the fleet of PassionWithoutLimits has been expanded with a new acquisition: a Rolls Royce. Next to all the extremely low super sports cars for rent with us, the Phantom towers impressively above the Aventador SV, for example. Clearly, the new overlord has arrived.

If there is a better way to arrive somewhere more stylish than with a Rolls-Royce Phantom, it must involve horses and a carriage. The Phantom seems designed to restore something of that past glory, a blend of traditional luxury with contemporary high-tech hardware, a fusion of old-fashioned prestige with contemporary respectability.

When this seventh-generation Phantom was introduced, it took everyone’s breath away with its sheer size and classic style, but at the same time by also being timelessly graceful. It was there; the best car in the world.

The Rolls Royce

This generation Phantom is available in an infinite number of trims, and with so many personalization options that no two Phantoms are alike. For every millionaire in the world, there is a Phantom to suit him – or her. While the Phantom in all versions clearly pays homage to the traditional Roll-Royces of yesteryear, it does so with a contemporary look, and that is no small feat of artistry. And of course, luxury cars abound, but there is only one Rolls Royce. Our Phantom, the seventh-generation Rolls-Royce of that name, has the craftsmanship, comfort, appearance and prestige of all its predecessors. Call it “tradition modernized,” the contemporary choice for the ultimate in stylish transportation.

With its gigantic length and width, you would think that negotiating this ultimate luxury sedan would be equivalent to driving a bus. But surprisingly, that is not the case at all. The 6.75-liter V12 engine sourced from BMW has “plenty” of power. After all, with a Rolls Royce, you’re not talking about something as trivial as horsepower and pulling power. At the touch of the right pedal, however, it is immediately clear, the Phantom is fast and drives fabulously effortlessly. And whether it is so, or whether it only seems so, you are not bothered by other road users. When the rabble see the massive grille with upright bars appear in the rear view mirror, they move aside appropriately.

Our Phantom

As you might imagine, the Phantom drives so wonderfully comfortable, you’d swear it actually floats over the road surface. In ultimate silence, you watch the road disappear under the air-suspended axles, the Spirit of Extacy on the grille pointing the way to beautiful locations with ultimate happy moments that will take your breath away.

The characteristics

You flatten yourself in the back seat, after a smooth entrance through the Phantom’s rear-hinged rear doors. These “‘coach” doors are a nod to the coach of yesteryear and make entering and exiting the spacious rear cabin a lot more graceful than conventional portals. You let the scent of the leather take hold of you while taking in the Phantom’s interior. The whole thing is reminiscent of the Art Deco period, right down to the green backlit beautifully crafted dials. Stylish. Chick. Simple. Luxurious. No other automaker uses wood and leather to better effect than this. Rolls Royce set the bar higher than ever before, in fact, each of the Phantom’s 60 wooden inserts is hand-finished at the Goodwood factory to reflect and shine you. You are the supreme boss now…. Surfaces not covered in wood are finished with a total of 500 pieces of leather sourced from 18 hides where not a single flaw can be found. Only the best is good enough for you.

Quietly, our professional driver transports you to your carefully chosen location. With the imperceptible glide of the asphalt beneath you, the moment of mutual consent draws ever closer. Although, you had that moment before when you chose the Rolls Royce Phantom with chauffeur as your wedding transportation. The moment you passionately and without limit imagined that this ultimate limousine would be a carefree part of your most beautiful day, you already said to yourself “Yes, I do.”


"Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it."

– Sir Henry Royce

"The phantom is simply the best car in the world."

Jeremy Clarkson

"Nothing in life is perfect but the Phantom gets close. An imperious, impeccably engineered automotive experience."

Top Gear

"Every single atom of every single component is designed to make your life quiet and comfortable. The envy comes as standard."

Jeremy Clarkson

"The Phantom ‘experience’ is as much about the tactility of the door handles as it is how effortlessly this thing moves."

Top Gear

Why PassionWithoutLimits?

  • Drive this luxury car yourself (without supervision)
  • Limited deposit and own risk (without cred-it card payment obligation)
  • Demonstrable all-risk insurance policy for rentals
  • Best price-quality ratio

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