What’s a hypercar? It soon becomes a discussion when you try to define a hypercar. A car that is built purely to be awe-inspiring on all fronts:
the fastest, the most powerful, the rarest, the most striking, the most thoughtfully designed, the most advanced. And even with that definition, we’re only halfway there. They are in a price range in which previously there was nothing for sale. For those who build, buy and love them, a hypercar is the automobile view of today’s future.

In terms of performance, rarity and appearance, our highly exclusive Novitec McLaren 720S more than meets this demand. Let’s use a simple
definition: a real hypercar has at least 700 hp and wing doors! We have no less than two of these in our range. Besides the McLaren you can also rent a convertible hypercar: the mighty Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.