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Exclusive wedding car rental
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Make your special day even more impressive by renting an exclusive wedding car from PassionWithoutLimits. With us it is possible to rent a supercar for a day that you can drive yourself, without supervision. Contact us for the possibilities.

Rent an exclusive and sporty wedding car

Are you getting married and looking for an exclusive car for the big day? Will you choose one of our hypercars or supercars, or do you prefer a luxury car to make your wedding day complete?

The rental of our cars includes delivery- & return service and all-risk insurance. All you have to do is enjoy the most beautiful day of your life without any worries!

PWL Experience: supercar tours

Attention petrolheads: do you want to drive all our supercars in one day? With the PWL Experience you get this chance! During this tour you will drive on the most beautiful roads in The Netherlands and abroad and you will have the opportunity to drive all our cars.

Sign up for these unique tour days and experience the violence of our V8, V10 and V12 engines at first hand. The PWL Experience: experience the day of your life!

PWL Tunnelrun

Get behind the wheel of a supercar yourself and drive through the tunnels near Utrecht! Soon we will be organizing a new edition of the very successful supercar TUNNELRUN in collaboration with 402 Automotive. To drive for half an hour yourself (under supervision) you must have held a driving license for at least 5 years. Of course you can also drive along.

Do you want to experience this sensation with your friends or family? Then book a SHUTTLERUN in our new Lamborghini Urus and bring one or two people! Which supercar do you choose?

Our partners

You can rent the most exclusive supercars from PassionWithoutLimits

PassionWithoutLimits is unique. By choosing quality, beauty and exclusivity, we offer the most unique sports cars to make every wedding a dream wedding. Whether you’re looking for a hypercarsupercar or luxury car, you’re guaranteed to rent a car that will shine at your wedding. Choose from superb supercars from top brands such as LamborghiniFerrari, McLaren and Mercedes AMG Brabus.

Give your wedding extra flair with an exclusive PassionWithoutLimits wedding car. Rent a Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloceLamborghini Aventador Roadster, Lamborghini Huracán Spyder, Lamborghini Urus, Ferrari 458 Italia, Novitec McLaren 720S or Mercedes G63 AMG Brabus 700 and complete your wedding day!

Rent a wedding car without worries

On your wedding day you prefer not to think about the strict conditions of a rental car, since you want to fully enjoy the most beautiful day of your life! That’s why we have clear rental conditions*, so you can drive in one of our beautiful, exclusive sports cars without any worries. Renting a reliable car from PassionWithoutLimits offers the following advantages:

  • You are allowed to drive yourself (without supervision!)
  • Demonstrable all-risk rental insurance policy (a private policy does not provide any rental cover!)
  • Limited deposit and own risk (without credit card payment obligation!)
  • Best value for money (including delivery- & return service!)

* Specific conditions apply for each car. You can find them on the specific car page and in the general terms and conditions.

Our cars

Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce

  • Engine 6.5 V12
  • Horsepower 750 hp
  • Kilowatt 552 kW
  • Torque 690 Nm
  • Top speed 349 km/h

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

  • Engine 6.5 V12
  • Horsepower 700 hp
  • Kilowatt 515 kW
  • Torque 690 Nm
  • Top speed 349 km/h

Lamborghini Huracán Spyder

  • Engine 5.2 V10
  • Horsepower 610 hp
  • Kilowatt 455 kW
  • Torque 560 Nm
  • Top speed 320 km/h

Novitec McLaren 720S

  • Engine 4.0 V8
  • Horsepower 806 hp
  • Kilowatt 593 kW
  • Torque 878 Nm
  • Top speed 346 km/h

Lamborghini Urus

  • Engine 4.0 V8
  • Horsepower 650 hp
  • Kilowatt 478 kW
  • Torque 850 Nm
  • Top speed 305 km/h

Ferrari 458 Italia

  • Engine 4.5 V8
  • Horsepower 570 hp
  • Kilowatt 425 kW
  • Torque 540 Nm
  • Top speed 320 km/h

Mercedes G63 AMG Brabus 700

  • Engine 4.0 V8
  • Horsepower 700 hp
  • Kilowatt 515 kW
  • Torque 950 Nm
  • Top speed 220 km/h

Rolls Royce Phantom

  • Engine 6.75 V12
  • Horsepower 460 hp
  • Kilowatt 338 kW
  • Torque 720 Nm
  • Top speed 240 km/h

Our brands

Rent an exclusive car for a day and make your dreams come true. We rent out Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes AMG Brabus and Rolls Royce. You can choose from hypercars, supercars and luxury cars.

About PassionWithoutLimits

At PassionWithoutLimits you can rent the most exclusive supercars, such as a Lamborghini Aventador, Urus & Huracán, Novitec McLaren 720S and a Ferrari 458 Italia. Complete your wedding day with one of our special wedding cars or drive them all during our PWL Experience supercar tour!

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