Mercedes AMG Brabus rental

Mercedes AMG Brabus rental

Some car adepts find that what comes out of the Mercedes factory in Stuttgart or even the AMG factory in Affalterbach as standard is somewhat “normal.” Bodo Buschmann was such a person. He found support in his views from friend Klaus Brackman. Together they found it necessary to make a standard Mercedes a little less standard.


With enough knowledge of engineering and a sense of flair, the two Germans modified the first Mercedes cars in their new factory in Bottrop. Now to call them “tuners” doesn’t cover the bill. Whereas companies that tune cars do so under an impressive sounding name, Messrs Brackmann and Buschman simply use the first 3 letters of their surname, Bra-Bus. Their sense of technical perfection and ideas about what is real luxury transform a Mercedes into a different vehicle, a car with a different dimension, and that deserves a different logo in the grille. And only when it is truly to the customer’s liking, only then does a Brabus find its way to its happy owner.

Our own black Brabus 700

PassionWithoutLimits is one such proud owner. In 2022, PWL’s impressive fleet is joined by a sinister black Brabus 700, which once left the factory as a G63 AMG. Now basically every Mercedes with AMG logo is itself a modified car, so it sounds a bit contradictory. Why would you start customizing a modified car even more? Does that even make sense?

Initially, the thought seems to make sense. But, if you already have a Mercedes customized by AMG, why not add just a little extra “schwung” to your car? And that’s actually the idea behind our Brabus 700.

Is it necessary to modify a G63 AMG? No, of course not. Then why did we choose to expand our fleet with a Brabus 700? Simply because we can. And that is why you want to drive the Brabus 700 from PassionWithoutLimits. Guaranteed enjoyment.

Mercedes AMG Brabus rental

Would you like to rent our Mercedes AMG Brabus, for example as a wedding car? Please feel free to contact us, so we can discuss the possibilities. We like to do our part to make your wedding unforgettable!

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