The renter signs an agreement and receives the car from an employee of the PassionWithoutLimits team in an undamaged and spotless condition. The renter ensures the full rental amount including the deposit has been pre-paid before the hand-over of the car takes place. The renter is liable according to generally applicable legislation in case he damages the car and/or violates another condition in the agreement. The renter is also liable for wear and tear other than due to normal usage. In particular, the renter is liable for violations of traffic regulations. Fines will be redressed against the renter.

During the PWL Experience a member of the PassionWithoutLimits team will drive with the renter, give necessary instructions and will take all possible precautionary measures to ensure a safe ride. Only in case of a marriage it is allowed to drive our cars without supervision.

Our main general conditions, including price list, can be found below:

General Conditions