Renting a Jaguar F Type guarantees a unique driving experience. English craftsmanship combines effortless performance with unparalleled smoothness of handling. The Jaguar F Type V6 engine robbers as if it were a delight, shooting the car to 100 kilometres per hour in 5.3 seconds. Depress the accelerator and be amazed by this unique compartment: goosebumps guaranteed.

Rent a Jaguar F Type from PassionWithoutLimits

The F Type is the ideal car for a wedding or corporate event. You can already rent a Jaguar F Type from PassionWithoutLimits from € 699,- including delivery and haulage.

  • Jaguar F Type rentals from € 699 + € 1,50 per kilometre (delivery location to party location)
  • Guaranteed the lowest price in this class
  • No hourly rate; the total price is determined by the number of free kilometres and your location.
  • The rent includes fuel and delivery & return service
  • Self-driving: no minimum age required

Are you ready for the ride of your life? Click on the button ‘Rent the Jaguar F Type’ to directly rent this fantastic English bolide.

Rent the Jaguar F Type

“Wow. Just wow. How dazzlingly beautiful can a compact coupe or roadster be?
And then those delicious V6 and V8 engines … Have!”
– Top Gear

Rates for the Jaguar F Type Rentals

At PassionWithoutLimits you can rent a Jaguar F Type at great value. We guarantee you the lowest rental price for this English sports car.

We do not charge an hourly rate. The total rental price is determined by your location and the number of kilometers you drive. The rent includes delivery & return service and all-risk insurance.

Check out our rates below:

Jaguar F Type€ 599,- + € 2,50 per kilometre driven

Jaguar F Type Specifications

The Jaguar F Type is an English beast that can’t be tamed just like that. Under the bonnet there are 340 horsepower’s waiting for you to put your right foot on the accelerator pedal. Speak to them and quickly in just over 5 seconds to 100 kilometers per hour; the growling 3.0 liter V6 engine with supercharger is a feast for your ears. With a top speed of 260 km/h, the Jaguar F Type leaves 450 Nm free at 3500 rpm – more than enough to make your day unforgettable.

  • 340


  • 260


  • 450 Nm

    at 3,500 rpm

Rent the Jaguar F Type for your wedding

Complete your wedding day and rent our Jaguar F Type for your wedding. The white colour and elegant, sturdy look of the English bolide make for a real eye-catcher on your wedding photos. Drive from the town hall to the party location and see all the heads turning: with the F Type you are guaranteed to attract the attention of all guests and bystanders. Would you like to rent the Jaguar F Type for your wedding? Click on the button below and fill in the contact form.

Rent the Jaguar for your corporate event

With its white, glossy lacquer and black rims, the Jaguar F Type is the perfect decoration for your business event. His sturdy and playful lines provide, for example, a spectacular introduction to your new product or service. At corporate events, the Jaguar will be operated by a PassionWithoutLimits employee.

Rent the Jaguar F Type

Information about the Jaguar F Type

The English sports car was launched at the Paris Motor Show in 2012, after which the Jaguar F Type was launched in Europe in 2014. The powerful performance is combined with precise and agile handling; this makes the F Type also very suitable for daily use. The interior is equipped with a powerful infotainment system and comfortable sports seats, while the exterior is characterized by a beautiful and elegant interplay of lines.

Rent the Jaguar F Type

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