Aston Martin DBS

Enjoy this beautiful aristocrat intensely and feel the gaze of bystanders on you when you drive in the car known from the James Bond films Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Young and old, car expert or not, everyone feels by their water that the Aston Martin DBS is not just any car. Each Aston Martin DBS is built by hand in England, and the name of the last inspector is shown on a name plate in the car. Face to face with this bolide you only want one thing and that is driving in one of the most beautiful cars ever.

Under the hood of our Aston Martin DBS you will find a 6 liter V12 engine that delivers 517 hp. In fact, the 800 Watt audio system is superfluous, as the finest music comes from the mighty V12. The DBS in the hands of the Stig on the Top Gear circuit set a lap time of 1:23,9 and was therefore as fast as the Pagini Zonda. An achievement that deserves respect.



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“The most desirable car brand from England. For decades now, it
Example of taste, sophistication and the sneaky desire to have children to just like James Bond to be. The ultimate form of ice-cold coolness.”

Top Gear

“Thicker, faster and more expensive than a DB9, with many more air hairdressers and diffusers. Why? Because he needs them. So it’s a beast of a car.”

Top Gear

“With a mildly detuned version of the DBRS9’s V12, putting out 517bhp at
6,500rpm, the DBS is good for a 0-62mph time of 4.3 seconds and a top
speed of 191mph… all put to the road through a proper six-speed
manual. ‘Course, you won’t want to go that quick because it wouldn’t
give everyone a chance to see just how damn good the DBS looks.”

Top Gear

“In essence a tighter, harder, faster DB9, but in spirit much closer to
the fantastically hairy-chested thrills of the old Vanquish S. Makes a
Ferrari look naff. Exquisite.”

Top Gear

“The rumours that this is just a DB9 in a new suit are unfounded though; this is much more like the old hardcore Vanquish S in terms of experience.”

Top Gear

“If the DB9 is cool, then the DBS is super-chilled. Revel in a fine, fast Aston that makes the hair stand to attention on the back of your neck.”

Top Gear

“You can’t have a standard DB9 anymore because this exists, and therefore you’d have to kill yourself.”

Top Gear

“Imagine a cross between a road car and a GT racer and you’re about
there. The DBS is the best handling car Aston has ever produced. Forget
pretty-but-rubbish DB7s, this is what an Aston should be about; noisy,
raw, a bit brutal and sticks like glue.”

Top Gear

“Sitzend in diesem Auto denkst du nur… alter Scheiße, ich bin der geilste!”

GRIP – Das Motormagazin

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